GayoLab Ltd., founded in 2007, develops, designs, licenses and markets innovative seating solutions inspired by Yoga, aiming to improve wellness and productivity in one’s daily life, both at work and home.
Our unique office seating products enable multiple Yoga sitting, stretching and relaxation positions, as well as conventional sitting, while working or on a short break, thereby maintaining health and concentration in today’s stressing office environment. 

Our fundamental premise is that prolonged and stationary posture hinders health and productivity, and is relieved by changing positions regularly. GayoLab's solutions enable such relief by providing multiple sitting positions, both while working and on short intermission breaks. 

Through its ongoing research and development, the company has acquired and developed extensive knowledge in its field, and owns substantial intellectual property (including multiple, worldwide pending patents).
 The company’s business model combines (a) the licensing of its product designs to manufacturing partners, (b) marketing partnerships for the development of new worldwide market segments and applications. 

GayoLab established a strategic partnership in Europe with Topstar GmbH, a leading office chair manufacturer and distributor in Europe. Currently, we seek to expand our partnerships worldwide outside of Europe